Cash is always accepted at the time of purchase.


Checks can be delivered to the cafeteria before school or after lunch.


Prepay online with credit or debit cards.

Prepay for Meals Today!


All paid students – $1.60

Free/Reduced students – no cost


Elementary Students – $2.75

Middle & High School Students – $3.00

Reduced price students – $.40

Grades K-3, Reduced price, meals at no cost

A La Carte

Secondary Schools only

Bottled Water – $1.00

Carbonated Juice Beverage – $1.25


We have three convenient ways to pay for meals.  Prepaid meals are always encouraged.  This helps speed up our service and ensure that your child always has money on account for a meal.

We don’t want to see any child go hungry!  If your child forgets their money this is what we will do:

Elementary and Middle School students may charge meals up to a set monetary limit.  There is no charging in High Schools.  Students who have reached the charging limit or do not have lunch money will be offered an emergency meal of a sandwich and milk.  An emergency breakfast consists of cereal and milk.


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